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My Pets


My name is BRONCO. I live a life of leisure and am spoiled rotten.
My favorite things to do are:
Terrorize and beat up th baby kittens as soon as they can toddle
Attack the invisible monsters in the middle of the night on the bed
Get my face as wet as I can when I drink so everyone else gets wet
I get combed everyday and spend lots of time on mommy and daddy's laps so no one else can get up there.
I snuck outside once and got really scared at all the big chickens and other kitties that never come in the house. Mommy finally rescued me and scolded me for going outside. I have NEVER wanted to go out there again and MOMMY knows best.

This is MISCHIEF and he is the doorstop around the house. He likes to wake up mommy in the morning and make her feed him. He watches her until an eye starts to flutter open and then he starts to purr and meow softly until she gets up to get his breakfast


I live on a farm in East Texas and my daddy treats me like a king. His name is Viron Argyle and mommy's name is Melodie. They say I have to share, but I prefer to be an only "child". I like playing with the little kittens while they are really small. That way, they will always think that I'm the boss.
There are lots of Bob Tailed Ranch Cats around and only one other Persian. His name is Mischief and he likes to sleep all the time. He's not much fun, but mommy and daddy like him. I can't see why.